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training was essential and started earlyIn earlier times, back in the edwardian world of Dickens, Verne, and Gentleman Jack, a hat, cloak and cane were considered essential daily wear of the refined Gentleman.

Unlike today, it was expected of a gentleman to be able to thwart the use of violence against his person, to be a protector of those in under his auspices, and to be skilled in the "manly arts" of weaponry and self defense.

Training started early in boyhood.

defense stanceThis was an era of brutality and elegance, where human life mattered little and constant vigilance was required to survive. Duels by gun and sword were legal. Poverty, workhouses, servitude and hopelessness fed hatred from the have-nots.

Having a weapon on hand in a split second meant the difference between life and death in a very real sense... it was in this world that the cane sword was conceived.

It was simply considered prudent to carry one.

dueling instructorToday a sword cane is a decorative piece ONLY and should not be considered part of one's self defense kit. You have been warned!

Great care must be taken to know the laws of the state you live in before you order as these may be considered a form of hidden weapon, and the carrying and owning of such weapons is highly regulated, banned, or restricted.


If you collect weapons of any kind, you are in danger of becoming an outlaw overnight through no fault of your own. The second someone does something crazy using the weapon you collect, that weapon will be outlawed. Remember brass knuckles and switchblades? They were outlawed long ago and remain outlawed today.

This outlawing occurs because legal careers are built upon getting a law enacted and has nothing to do with safety. Bureaucrats will find a small population that has no ability to organize and then single them out. An example is a special tax on hair dressers, a profession that has no organized representation, has no lobbyists and does not make political contributions. Sadly no one ever contests these manufactured crises. We are told that outlawing sword canes will make the world safer for babies, kittens and fuzzy bunny rabbits... nevermind that in all US history, there has only been one recorded case of a cane sword used on a human. And he survived.

Do not be the crazy person that does something stupid and ruins it for the rest of us. Do not be that guy...


(Cannot be shipped to AR, CA, MA, NY or Canada)

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