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All merchandise is ordered with a seven-day sataisfaction guarantee.

If during 7 days after delivery you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, return it for a refund (shipping not refundable). The warranty is 7 days from delivery, not 7 days from when the box is opnened.

After 7 days, item is nonrefundable.

Notify us BEFORE returning so that we can be on the lookout and make arrangements. Call us IN ADVANCE at 704-288-0953.

Item MUST be shipped back with some form of delivery confirmation or tracking. If it is not sent with tracking and is lost in transit, you AGREE that you will seek monetary compensation from the shipping company, NOT Genius Goods Int.

If you shipped without tracking AND uninsured, no refunds (sorry!).

Damaged product where the damage occurred during shipping will be replaced or refunded in full at our discretion.

Note: you will be asked for proof of age (new).

Chargebacks : Our customers are a cut above the herd, and we take care of our people. Our customers are tough and independent thinkers and are not the type of people to be trifiled with!

For our customers (thank you), we will make right what needs to be made right and take care of them in a timely fashion. This door swings both ways; there is absolutely no reason for a customer to issue a chargeback. Problems are going to be solved in-house.

Chargebacks are un-necessary and are a hostile act. Therefore, all chargebacks will be put to our collections agency, and our collections company is good at what they do. If you are one of the Kings of Entitlement and want to play games, you have been warned in advance in writing. We will come after you and our collections agents can and will damage your credit.


Home | Cane Swords | Hidden Blade | Belt Knife | Stick Swords | Double Swords | Spears | Peace Pipes
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